Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicago Part 2

Friday we went to the museum of science and industry.  Wow.  It was even more amazing than the last time.  The kids really enjoyed it and so did the big people!  Rob and Kavitha both joined us and we packed a picnic.  Mary liked the hatching chicks/baby chicks the best.  Robert liked the kids exploration area and the trains/planes/sub.  Mary didn't sleep at all until we hit the car late that afternoon.  Then she was out the whole way home.  Robert never did fall asleep.  I though he'd sleep in the car!  Wesley and I then went out to Mon Ami Gabi for supper while Rob and Kavitha along with Kumar babysat for us. The steak frites and then profiteroles were fabulous!

By Sat morning we were all exhausted.  The kids were still up when we got home at 9ish so they went to bed late.  The weather was drizzly.  So we hung around all morning and then went to Nookies for lunch and then to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Mary liked the monkeys.  Robert loved the spiders/snakes/mice etc.  Mary slept through that part.  And then that was the end of her nap.  We were seperated on the double bus (Kavitha, Mary, Margaret on one and Wesley, Robert, Rob on the other) and Mary kept pointing to Robert and telling the people near her "that's my brother; that's Robert".  So cute!  Thankfully aunt Kavitha keeps cool stuff in her purse so she was mainly intertained with lotion, inhaler, and purse holder, lol.  The purse holder was definitely spit shined by the time she was done with it!  I think we had poppy seed chicken for supper.  Mmm

Sun we did the botanic gardens which were gorgeous.  But it was a fair bit warmer than previous days and by this time we were all dragging a little.  OK a lot!  They had a great garden scale train layout with all sorts of cool landmarks-from Old Faithful (erupts every 60 sec) to Mt St Helens (erupts every 30 min) to several of Frank Lloyd Wrights houses, the white house etc.  So cool.  The other gardens were also really cool.  There was a fountain you could splash in which was fun as well as tons of gorgeous layouts and plants.  I loved the scented geraniums.  Wow.  When we got home we went out for ice cream (yum!!!!!!!!!!) and then to the park.  We had planned on going out for pizza but by this time we all wanted showers and PJ's so we ordered in. yumm again!  And then we had all the fun of finding all our stuff and packing it all-which really didn't take as long as I was afraid it might.

And that was it.  Except the 14 hour trip home. It wasn't as bad as it could have been but it isn't in my top 10 favorite memories either!  The kids did well-I was expecting them to nap more but that didn't happen.  They did watch more TV though.  We ran the kids out at a home depot next to the steak n shake where we ate lunch (wow they have a great avacado burger!) at lunch time.

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