Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today has been the first day of multiple visits here. Hollie came as well as my parents, and we finally let Robert in to see her today. He was concerned about her NG tube but otherwise was fine with her. They played catch-she would drop a ball and he'd pick it up. Unfortunately once he pushed it into her chest and she cried a minute but otherwise it was a nice sibling interaction. They also took a ride together in the wagon went well and shared some nuggets and soda that my co-worked Andrea brought. I am in awe over the outpourings of generosity, prayers, cash/gift cards, offers of , stickers and letters from friends, co-workers, family and even people we don't know! May God bless each of you!

Mary ate some today for breakfast-some sausage and all her juice. She really didn't eat lunch though. So we're going to work on moving her feedings to evenings/nights and see if her appetite returns during the day. They are still trying to get 1200 calories a day into her. She'll get 2/3 of that by tube and then hopefully the remainder she'll eat on her own. The occupational therapy/burn nurse was in today during her sedation and said that she will probably need a compression shirt for the next year to help with scaring. She also taught us some exercises to keep her arms loose and her wrist and what to look for that would indicate an issue.

I asked to see the plastic surgery person today (and the dietitian!) and saw a resident I had not seen before. He was very non-committal about how long she would need to be here-he thinks probably through the weekend at least. It really depends on how the dressing changes go. So we are taking it one day at a time. I'm glad to see the progress-especially in her laughing and generally acting more like herself. She wanted Wesley to tickle her feet today and laughed and laughed and then she and Hollie were playing peek-a-boo through the door and then she and Robert playing drop the ball :) It made me so happy! She's also had fun at least playing with her food-instead of being so adverse to the thought of it.

Her pain seems to be a little worse today. They had reduced the amount yesterday from 2 mg to 1 mg but it doesn't seem to hold her quite as well. I think I'll ask the nurse to do the motrin around the clock and see if that helps if not I guess we'll need to try 1.5 mg or something. I imagine that as she is moving more the skin is stretching some and hurts more. At the same time with the decrease in medication she has been more awake which has been nice!

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