Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Upward swing

I feel better every day. Today I actually blow dried my hair and put in my lost but now found contacts! And Mary did great during her sedation and we're seeing lots of healthy granulating tissue on her forehead and neck. I did get the OK from the surgeon to soak and work on her face as it creates more gunk-I can soak it and get rid of it. I've already been working out the scabs in her hair and she's doing fine with that.So it looks like we're getting closer to being able to take her home and have me do them at home. We had been looking at one issue but the surgeon was very reassuring and everything looks great. We no longer have to keep her still/keep her from rolling around. They have all taken root and are doing great. In fact they are encouraging us to let her move as much as possible to keep her from having contractures (tightening) from the healing burns on her shoulders. Physical therapy has looked at her yesterday and today while she was under sedation and everything looks good there.

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deneeutt said...

Sooo glad to hear this.. we are doing the happy dance with you! :) Robert has been doing amazing here! There were a few Mommy this and that at random today, but he was good as always. Sure isnt the same without sweet Mary bug though, David has worried Robert to peices, Mary at? Mary go? Mary coming? Robert is all grown up, he says"Dont worry Mary is sick, in the hospital." Then he takes David sternly by the shoulders and says "David,you must listen.. the kitchen is very, very dangerous, YOU stay out I mean it!" He is very convincing to the other kids too and I had to start giving them lunch in the kids room instead of the kitchen! : )
I want to thank you for letting me care for and love your children they are such blessings to me. You are so blessed to have them, and I am so happy to have them in my life. <3