Monday, December 28, 2009

Skin Grafts look awesome!

Well we had the great reveal and the skin grafts look awesome. I am so relieved. Actually that is an understatement. Her forehead still has some healing to do-it still gets gunky before she has her daily scrubbing but the rest of her looks really good. I was expecting the rest of her to look like her face-except with 5 days of gunk built up but with the new skin there it looks fabulous! There is one area that I'd like to ask the surgeon about when I see him (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) but otherwise we are so pleased. We did get moved to a private room last night after asking the nurse when the baby next door wouldn't stop crying and it is fabulous in here! So nice to be just us. Wesley is off to fix a work issue so it's just us girlies hanging out. And Mary is sleeping in her crib. Aah. I should prob take a nap too!


sarahcampbell3 said...

I'm so glad the grafts look so good. I was wondering if you would ask for that private room. Give Mary a kiss for me. Love you guys!

queenofhearts said...

So glad the grafts look good!Did u get your private room? Love you!