Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mary Update

We're having a quiet day here. She is officially a "floor" patient (so not really PICU status) now so we have fewer alarms and stuff going on. She is also needing less morphine so she's awake more although still comfortable with hydrocodone and tylenol (by mouth now!) and the morphine if she needs it. She isn't eating and drinking like they want but so much better every day. We still have to push her to drink, she's eating more though: today she ate all her applesauce and some scrambled eggs! Considering her first meal since snack on Sat was last night and all she ate then was a bite or 3 of pudding that's pretty good! She is still getting daily wound care with their magic solution (baby shampoo!) and then dressings of more sophisticated stuff. We should know this afternoon if they are thinking she'll need skin grafting soon. I really hope not. Oh how I hope not!
If she does end up needing a graft she'll be here "longer". No one has even attempted to tell us how long we'll be here, the best they'll say is we'll be here for Christmas. She wants to be held a lot so Wesley and I are taking turns holding her in the recliner. She's awake for a while and then drifts back off. Thankfully she slept pretty well in the crib last night, pretty much only needing the oral meds and one dose of morphine. The previous night she had needed morphine every 1.5 hours! She runs fevers on and off which they are still thinking is her normal body response to the burns. The tylenol is scheduled to keep on top of that. She's talking a little, last night I was feeding her some juice and about 1/2 way through she pushed it out of her mouth. I said "are you all done" and she looked at me and said "esh" just like she always does! I could have cried, it was so sweet to hear that!

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Rob said...

Ah, so cute! I'm so glad to hear she's doing so well, relatively speaking. Kavitha and I tear up every time we think of her, which is often.

How's little Robert doing in all of this? Is he hanging out with the grandparents?