Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. Well I guess it isn't for us-we're postponing for a healthier time. Wes and I have talked and talked about it and I think with the ages of our kids it is better for us to all be home and have the big Christmas feeling of family and of course presents! Wesley still won't tell me what he got for me for Christmas-even during Mary's surgery! That guy!

Yesterday she was scheduled for surgery at 2:15 and then the called at 9:45 and said she was going *now*. Of course I had sent Wesley home for the night to get some laundry done and pick up more clothes (we originally thought she had mostly 2nd deg stuff and would be home for Christmas. ha.) Anyways she made it through, needing 4 areas of grafts-both shoulders, chest, lt wrist. After surgery when they took out the breathing tube it was full of gunk and she was needing oxygen after surgery so they sent her back to PICU. We'll hopefully move (back) out today. We had moved to the floor about midnight the night before :)

Mary had a good night last night. She slept the best she has slept since the accident and her temperature didn't start going up until this morning and wasn't as high as it has been. The doctors are saying that it is still looking like burn fever not infection although they did do a blood culture and a urine culture yesterday just to check (as well as a chest x ray). Her white blood cell count is way better than it was and that too is a good sign. Her oxygen level was good through the night and she is coughing more-and you can tell her throat hurts from the ventilator tube she had yesterday during surgery-she grimaces when she coughs. Poor girl. We're still keeping her loaded up on medicines-tylenol around the clock, hydrocodeine and morphine. Little druggie! It's been a fine line between keeping her comfortable and keeping her awake enough to cough, breathe well and eat but I think we're doing pretty well with it. At night I opt to just keep her comfortable and sleeping so we do more morphine then. During the day we do morphine as needed and the hydrocodeine.

Just found out that her face debridement is scheduled for 11 today and then we'll move out after that if there is a bed. Regardless I'm hoping for "floor orders" which will get rid of most of the wires. She's hard to hold between the bandages and all those cords!

Well Merry Christmas all!

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Jonathan Woodard said...

Did you call her a "little druggie?"
Lol Hope you and Wes have a merry Christmas anyway. I guess we won't be having the New Years party, unless we do it at the hospital.