Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This has been a travelling summer! And if Robert had his way he'd be back on the road to Philly. Poor kid. He asks every day to go back to the museum in Philla-elphia to see the boats, and the big trains. I think Philla-elphia made a big impression on him! This weekend we're headed to outside of Galax VA for my cousin Jessica's wedding! I'm so excited. We're camping and so are Rob and Kavitha and my cousin Eric, so it should be loads of fun even if we'll only be there a few days. And then on Sunday we're headed to 5th Ave (Dad's old church) where dad will be preaching. I haven't been to our church in so long-we were gone, I worked and then this past week Robert was sick so I was home with him, then we'll be gone, I'll work... and if anyone is sick Wesley can stay home!

Robert seems to be feeling better-no fever since Mon but has a really congested occasional productive cough. He's not eating perfect either but he is doing great with pottying :) He had wet the bed one nap when he got sick and his pullup was wet that night but otherwise he's been dry 24/7! And pooping willingly! We're well over 1/2 way through the sticker chart on the bathroom wall which at the end will get him a Mommy-Robert trip to the farmer's market for lunch and ice cream and a new train or tractor. He is super duper excited. He also gets a smaller prize for every 4-5 poops (there are 24 spaces I think on the chart). I think he only has 10 spaces left-and we just started this last week sometime!

Mary is still a bundle of sunshine mixed with energy. I'm starting to be able to channel it a little bit. She follows Robert's lead well so I have her putting her dirty clothes in the basket when Robert does his. Otherwise she spends her time trying to get the phone, climbing on stuff, moving shoes around. She has a bump on her forehead from falling off the couch yesterday and then today she faceplanted at Denee's and has a matching spot on her chin and bit her tongue and has a spot on her knee. Yikes!

But really the kids have been super duper cool recently, Robert seems to be a lot less challenging now that he's almost 3.5 and Mary well she's so darn cute. She says all sorts of stuff (helcoper!) and then at Nanny's on Tuesday she was sitting in the rocking chair rocking a baby doll. So adorable. Robert is really talking a ton too-he talks all the way home every day just on and on about stuff he's read or seen or that we're passing. It's amazing. They're growing up so fast. I'm toying with the idea of putting them both in a preschool daycare program next fall instead of home daycare. There is a church in Mt Crawford that does 2.5-5 years and Mary will be 2.5 next fall. That's just hard to believe. But I guess I have a while to think about all this. I'm definitely planning on putting Robert in preschool next year and I really think it needs to be his daycare option-I just can't see having him go to part time preschool some days and home daycare some days. So if I can do mon-wed-fri full days for both kids maybe I'll just do that. I've been doing some painting with the kids this week and it's been hilarious. Mary paints her body more than the paper but both kids really enjoy it. They are so cute. I need to get Wes to come out and take pics of them while they paint.

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