Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Full Time Sucks

First, a couple pics from camping this past weekend-if uploading pics were faster I'd do more but this took 10+ min

Full time really does just suck-or rather full time with 2 kids does! Especially when combined with a camping trip in the middle! I've been trying to catch up-did finally get the laundry all done and put away-except the load that needs to go to the camper-it was pouring down rain so I decided that getting it all wet wouldn't help much! Wesley called me at 2 to tell me that our babysitter had called him and needed to take her husband to UVA for an eye apt-they have been on a waiting list forever and they called today with a cancellation. So I got up and picked them up around 3. So really didn't get much done this afternoon-finished putting away laundry and put away a ton of dishes left over from making and canning pizza sauce (YUM) a few nights ago. This evening I made supper and then cut Robert's hair and then tried to get the kids to help pick up toys but they were pulling out faster than they were putting away so I finally gave up. Days like today I feel like I'm counting down the days until they are both in school-how sad is that!?!

Tomorrow Peggy and I are going to take the kids to the farmer's market. Robert is one sticker away from getting the prize and I'm pretty sure he'll poop in the morning to be able to go. Technically he pooped at Denee's today so regardless I'll take him :) He's doing great-he's been wet some in the mornings but otherwise no accidents!

Work is going pretty well-last night was busy with 26 admissions and a 4 hour computer downtime but otherwise no real excitement. I'm still really enjoying getting to know the nurses that work there and all the challenges and questions that come out of it.

I've been hitting the gym pretty hard the last couple days, I've got 8 or 9 lbs I'd love to loose to get back to my pre-Robert weight and I'm hoping that 10 weeks of dieting and exercise will take care of them-and then I'll just need to keep them off. I got a heart rate monitor which was pretty cool-it syncs with the treadmills even! And of course the real attraction at the gym is the food network although the best time to go in the morning based on the kids schedule is 10 but from 10-11 is emeril and I'm usually kinda eh about his cooking. A few too many crawfish ettoufe po'boys for my taste, lol. Of course the best shows are during nap time/no childcare time. I'm going to try for after nap tomorrow and see how that goes. The childcare opens back up at 4 pm.

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