Sunday, August 02, 2009


Ballance. I just don't know how to make it work. Is there a way to achieve good ballance when you work and have small kids and only 24 hours in a day? If you know, let me know! I feel like I'm walking on a ballance beam. If I were at home instead of sitting here doing nothing much at work (I did just place an admission but that was the first productive thing I've done in an hour or so) I would be cleaning the kitchen.

[oh well I just got called to restart an IV.
OK I'm back now.
It's amazing how some patients are so hateful when all you are doing is trying to help them... "this arm only, no fishing around, you have one shot at this... " but I digress!]

Or actually I guess I would be sleeping or close to it. Or I would be picking up toys. Or figuring out why the bar of soap in the bathroom suddenly turned green (green?) or putting away the plethera of stuff that we got from Wesley's grandma's house (I got a pressure canner! and a hot water bath canner! and a roaster! and a food mill! now where to put them...) or trying to figure out where the shoe matches are. I'm not exactly sure what Mary's facination with single shoes is. She grabs one and wanders off with it. Or 2 from different sets...

I keep looking at my should-do list:
spend time with the kids/Wesley
more frequent devotions
grocery shop/costco
and then the cleaning and the picking up are never ending as are cooking, dishes, the garden (and I think I am going to be snowed over in tomatoes soon-they are really ripening fast).

OK so this is my PLANNED week next week
monday-sleep, frantically clean house before Wesley brings the kids home
tues-playdate at 10. Need to figure out what to have for lunch, need to have the house clean. should try to get to the gym. Need to make supper since there isn't nanny night
Wed-work 3-11 ideally gym in the morning. If we're not at home maybe the house will stay clean??? I'm leaving Wesley to do frozen pizza for supper. I give up.
Thurs-work 11p-7a. So have to nap when the kids nap. Otherwise gym and costco for groceries and lunch? Then NAPS. Have to figure out how to keep Robert from falling asleep in the car. Make supper. Wash dishes, rinse, repeat.

[all this is dependent on the person that I covered for this past week not being sick next week. If she is I might end up 7A on Wed instead. Did I mention that I've worked 30 hours this past week? ALL as nursing coordinator. And that doesn't include today (Sunday 7AM starts the new week). I'm scheduled 28 this week so it's not much better...]

Friday-sleep, clean, depending if I'm drowning in tomatoes I may have to figure out how to make and can salsa. (I got 2 canning books for my b-day-I'm so excited!) I'd also love to make dill pickles. I'm off the weekend so that will help. I also need a wedding present for my cousin (which I will prob do on line or pick up a gift card). I think what I'm really stressing about is getting the house cleaned back up-I just can't seem to keep up with it right now. What with being gone and the kids sick and the kids destroying it... and working with garden produce. I've blanched and frozen 8 cups of yellow squash (post blanching-it was a ton prior to blanching) and 21 cups of shredded zucchini (not blanched, just frozen-in extra straw cups that I've lost the straws to). So I guess it has just been a bad week. Too much of everything and I just need to let it go....

I guss I should back up to the kids being sick. Robert is back to complaining about his ear. He finished his abx on Friday. Then he also went from Mon to Friday without pooping so we've been dealing with that. He's pooping again :) and I dare say we are VERY close to being completely daytime trained. Then Mary was up all night Tues crying and sure enough she had a double ear infection so she's on abx and she's cutting molars-one bottom one in, one top one partly in and 2 in progress. Yuck. Can we say fussy? And kids not sleeping between stomach in turmoil from a mega load of miralax, teeth and ears? So I guess we'll see what Robert says about his ear again tomorrow. He's just mentioned it once a day so far yesterday and today so who knows. And he's been super clingy with me "I want mama to hold you". So if I'm holding him Mary is crying cause SHE wants me too. Sigh-would someone please latch onto Daddy? I guess Snoopy likes Wesley pretty well. Although 45 min after I went upstairs to sleep she realized that I was home and upstairs and she wasn't. So I had to let her up and then back down when Wesley got home with the kids. Far be it from her to miss lunch with the kids. Sundays are hard-cause I have to sleep upstairs so the kids leave me alone-but I can't go up until they leave or they'll figure out where I am... :) I think I'll leave them ignorant of that peice of info.

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