Thursday, August 06, 2009

Much better!

Well since my last post I have regained my equilibrium or something and feel much better. Robert is-dare I say-potty trained? He's even been dry at night for the last 2 nights (despite drinking milk at bedtime one night and tons of milk at supper the other). The gym has added food network to its line up of TV stations (SWEEEET) so I have a renewed enthusiasm for going. The house is clean-ish, the kids are good-ish and so cute and I should probably be napping but I thought I would blog quick! I even got the spices re-organized today with Mary's help. We have just stayed home so far today-it's been a nice quiet morning. And now Robert is napping (or attempting) on the sofa and Mary in her crib-after finding a diaper and lying down on the changing pad when I asked her if she was ready for a nap! So onwards to nap since I work night shift tonight.

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