Monday, March 23, 2009


These kids are really something! I think they decided to grow up all at once. Mary is really interactive all of a sudden-talking and playing games and understanding what you are saying. Her newest word(s)? Tank-do! So cute. She plays the thank-you game; she hands you something and you say thank you and then hand it back to her and she says tank-do and then she hands it back..... she can play it forever! At supper she wanted to play touch the finger with daddy (she points her finger and you touch yours to hers but daddy wouldn't let her 'cause she was SLIMY. So after I cleaned her up I told her she could play her game with daddy and she immediately turned to him and pointed her finger. She also has learned to "meep" his nose. lol. She thinks it's hilarious. Robert is generally getting sweeter and more responsible-feeding snoopy, giving her bones (all with help), putting stuff on the table (plates, condiments etc), going to play on the playset and staying there if I need to bring in groceries. Today I sent him there, took in the groceries, put the perishables in and then Mary and I sat outside while she nursed. It was great just to have a few minutes to unwind outside after a very long day of teaching followed by a quick trip to walmart. Well, got to finish laundry!

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