Thursday, March 19, 2009


I meant to post yesterday about Mary on her birthday but she was so fussy and went to bed late that I didn't do it. I just collapsed into a stupor!

Obviously Mary has changed a TON in the last year. She is generally so happy (and whew that tooth finally came through today and she's back to being mostly happy!), curious, and funny. She loves dogs-Snoopy and the pugs are her favorite "people". She love to "lecture" with her pointer finger wagging-if you correct her or someone she'll wag her finger too and go "nonono or eh". She adores her big brother and is always watching what he is doing-and they are both getting jelous of when I am working with the other (little stinkers!) She got really mad this evening when Robert was standing on a chair in the kitchen helping me make pancake batter and she wasn't-she kept trying to climb the chair or pull Robert down.

She learned this week to fake sneeze (a family trate/joke) and it's really funny a-a-a-a-boo! She's a snuggler, a flirt, my precious baby girl. My current name for her is "sweetness"-it really seems to fit. I am so thankful for my kids. Happy (belated) birthday sweet girlie. May you grow up to be all that God has for you.

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