Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another day....

Today was much better-now we're just trying to figure out how to transition from one group to the other. The final verdict this afternoon was that I have to start on a new pay period-which go for 2 weeks-from this past Sunday to the Saturday after this one. So I have 2 4 hour shifts that I will do on peds (extra stuff I signed up for) that I'll keep plus next weekend (or just the Saturday from it?). I'll stay very PRN (as needed) on peds-if they really need help etc. So hopefully tomorrow I can meet with my new boss and look at my schedule for after next week!

It's going to be a busy time-that is also the week (March 11th) when the "top off" (last updates from meditech-the computer system I've been working on the update for) comes in-where we should get some fixes we have been waiting for, plus the last minute preperation for the classes we are teaching nurses on the update, and then we start teaching March 24th! Some of my test plans include scheduling printing which STILL does not work so we are waiting for a fix for that as well. If we don't get that we won't be able to go live with the new version. Tomorrow we have a JMU student working with us to help us re-do the user manual so it's going to be a full day of that. I spent some time today going over it so it should be ready for her. After work I went to the gym but had forgotten my sneakers so had to work out in my danskos-ugh. I gave up after 30 min and hit Goodwill and found a pair of cords (gap), a great sweater (LL Bean), a beautiful skirt (Eddie Bauer) and 2 random shirts oh and a brand new shirt for Robert (4T for next winter)-all for 20.XX! I would have paid that for any one of those. I don't usually find anything!

Robert has been very 3 recently. He's very sweet but almost jealous of Mary and total meltdowns if I am holding her, nursing her etc. He cries easily and is clingy around me but totally fine elsewhere. I guess I am the "safe" person. So we've been doing extra snuggling. Mary stands well-and can get to a standing position without pulling up! But won't even try to take a step. I think she thinks its dangerous. I quit pumping at work this week :) so I think we're winding down as we approach her birthday. She can eat her weight in food-that's for sure. She had a 1/2 of a BBQ sandwich, a bunch of fries and some cole slaw for supper. Robert had a banana. lol. He's finally a toddler I guess. Which is good-I don't think I know how to feed 2 huge eaters! I feed Robert what I used to feed Mary and Mary what I used to feed Robert. The other day Mary ate all her lasagne and Robert didn't eat hardly any so I gave her his. Well, better get back to work and to bed.

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first things first said...

Sounds like a busy, crazy season on life. I pray for "peace that passes understanding" to come to you as you transition to the new job.

I'm glad you found some good deals at the thrift store. I usually just pop in to look at kids' books, the clothes overwhelm me!

I am smiling over the the eating patterns...I try not to figure out what my guys will eat. One day they love something, the next day they gag at the sight (or smell) of it...