Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 things I won't miss about winter! (now this is EASY!)

1. Putting the kids' coats on
2. Rolling up long sleeves on the kids before letting them eat
3. My long sleeves falling down while giving the kids a bath
4. Robert going to the door and telling himself "no Robert you can't go outside it's Coooooooooold outside, very cold and windy" (ROTFL! I guess he's heard that a few times!)
5. My hair freezing when I leave the house (yes I know I could blowdry it-but who has the time?)
6. Not being able to take the kids out to play
7. Extra TV time
8. Trying to put the kids in their carseats with coats on
9. Cold and dark when you wake up
10. That cold sting on your face as your walking from one building to another... ugh


1 comment:

first things first said...

#4 is FUNNY! I recently posted a quote where J was talking to the WIND...Our boys are silly and I bet I know where they get it from!