Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Job

Now that it's official and everyone can know I feel like I can finally blog about my new job! I can't believe that a) I got the job and b) that I'm leaving Peds after 7 years there. I'm really sad about leaving Peds-they are family to me. But really, really excited about doing something new, new responsibilities, opportunities etc

When I was approached about considering applying for the nursing coordinator job I was like-me? I'm not old enough/experienced enough/ready for that! But the more I talked to a fellow coordinator who is on the meditech team and the more I prayed about it and interviewed for it the more I realized I do have the skill set for it and that it should be a good mix for me. The timing couldn't be better either. Mary is almost done nursing so I won't have to pump during my shifts/or while I'm sleeping (did I mention that these are 12 hour night shifts?), and is sleeping through the night so Wesley isn't too worried. I'll never get called off either and since it will be 12 hour shifts I'll only have to work 2 ish days a week (since I'm part time). I'll probably be IV therapy a fair amount too-doesn't sound like they always have enough coordinator hours.

Today was hard. I had to talk to the babysitter about an issue from Friday that I've been putting off all weekend, then talk to my boss, then tell the girls on Peds once I got the OK that the other applicants had been told. I feel really bad for the other applicants-because I've BTDT and know that it HURTS to not get a job you wanted. I have no idea who had applied for it either. It was just hard to talk to the people on peds. I woke up this morning going "what have I done? How can I leave Peds?" But I'll still be at the same hospital, seeing them, working along side them. Well, its bedtime, I took the time to fold 3 loads of laundry and get them put away and then pick up the house so it's late. But I wanted to put some of these feelings down!

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first things first said...

I hope this new job is a good fit for you and your family. I am sure you will have plenty of new things to learn, but you are ready for the challenge. Blessings as you make the switch, how soon?