Sunday, March 08, 2009

I've got sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, although kids really put a cramp in your style sometimes (no more sleeping in, childcare arrangements, poopy diapers) I never REALLY lived outside in any decent weather until I had kids-well toddlers to be exact-Robert didn't really care his first year :) Now if it's over 40 we're out! We had a glorious weekend outside! Both kids are sick with snotty noses/cough/diarrhea so we (the kids and I) didn't go to church today.

So instead we played outside. And this afternoon I found the camp saw and cleared out the stupid overgrown peach tree area and pruned the old tree a ton. It looks a LOT better. Now we just need to till the ground around it and get rid of the old debris and see if we can get grass and stuff to grow. I left 2 smaller trees standing in addition to the big one-but cut down 10ish tiny trees and a huge vine. So maybe this year the peaches will be a little bigger-and easier to get to!

I also made a loaf of bread and cut Robert's hair so I'm feeling nice and frugal! Oh and my lettuce is starting to sprout! Robert and I (boy was that a mistake to plant lettuce seeds with a 3 year old-I've never planted lettuce before and had NO idea that the seeds are miniscule at best) planted 18 peat pots of lettuce on Friday and you can see them starting to germinate! I'm so excited about SPRING! I think I have a touch of SAD (seasonal affective disorder)-it's not bad but I can definitely tell a difference with spring. Part of it is probably that the kids are SO much nicer when they are totally worn out from being outside. :) They both took nice naps and collapsed in front of the TV when we came in about 5 this evening and went to bed without issue. It was nice of God to give us a "wear out" day during time change! No issue about going to bed an hour early!

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