Monday, September 25, 2006

oh where is my baby?

I swear in the past week I've lost my little baby! He must be under this big boy somewhere but I'm not sure where. First of all he's starting to get mobile. Not really crawling yet but definitely getting around-scooting and rolling. Add that to lots of independent sitting and being able to dump his basket of toys on the ground and todays latest which was that he fed himself banana sticks (a banana cut into long thin peices and covered in baby cereal so it wouldn't be so slippery). He actually managed to get them to his mouth and in his mouth and chew and swallow! I am so impressed. He is also continuing to hone his skills in the doorway jumper and can glide back and forth the whole width of the doorjamb (or all but) and reach the stuff on top of the speaker so we had to put them up. Oh and non stop talking: dadadada and even a few mamas! Oh and of course his first really good scooting was to snoopy (who loves the finger food results but isn't so sure that a mobile baby is what she wanted!).

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