Friday, September 08, 2006

Big boy!

Robert has really grown up this week! He's sitting better and better and has learned to walk himself to the end of where he can go in the jumper and then swing back (repeat ad nauseum). I was going to take him to a park yesterday to see what he would think of the baby swings there but he fell asleep. Maybe this afternoon! He also refused to eat his peaches mixed with oatmeal this morning (the peaches were rather tart-I didn't think to taste them before I cooked them/pureed them) so after a few bites I gave up and fed him some carrots, he ended up eating almost a full 2 oz jar (I buy carrots because of the nitrite levels-jarred are grown in areas with low nitrite levels), he would start to cry if I stopped. And when a friend came over for supper last night he was in his booster seat playing with the toys and while we were talking I looked over because he was being so quiet and he was just sitting there with his head cocked looking at her. He listened for the longest time. And he's getting really good and pushing himself against something to scoot. Oh and he has figured out how to get stuff off the bookshelves by walking himself using the jumper and then grabbing them--or the dog. Snoopy has been really tolerant of having her ear chewed, eyes grabbed and tail grabbed. I'm really pleased with her.

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