Friday, September 29, 2006

Jam and Jelly

Robert's life
It's been a fun week, I worked 2 days and then I've been off 3 so I feel like I'm on a mini-vacation (and after working 2 more days I'll be on a real vacation-we're going to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!) I've also been making freezer jam and cooked jelly this week-so far I've done 2 turns of strawberry/bluberry freezer jam and one of grape jelly (with lots of help from Wes' mom!). Yum. Robert is still scooting around and talking a blue streak. Even the nursery workers at the gym commented on it. They said he talked non stop today! They decided to cancel the stroller class but I'm going to a class called deep definition which is an hour of strength training. Yowzers its hard!

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