Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Cold

Robert's life
Well, at 6 months of age and in the middle of summer Robert has gotten his first cold. I'm a little confused about where he got it, he started Sun night, so probably not from church, and I haven't had any patients at work with colds. Anyways, he is a little miserable, especially at night but it hasn't stopped him from talking non stop.

Sigh, sorry Heather his first word wasn't He-ther but rather da-da. All day long it's been dada dada. I tried to tell Wesley that he wanted him to change his diaper (almost worked).

Mommy: "Robert who do you want to change your diaper, mama or dada?"
Robert: "Da-Da!".

So today instead of saying mama today it is ba-ba.

Robert (in the bathtub): "Ba-ba!"
Mommy: "No, Robert, ba-ba (the big stuffed lamb) can't take a bath with you, she doesn't like water."
Robert: "Ba-ba! Dada! Ba-ba"

Wesley called this morning and Robert was talking up a storm. Oh, life is funny! All the work mothers get and no mama. But lots of good hugs!

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