Sunday, August 20, 2006

Robert's life

6 Months

I can't believe Robert is 6 months old today! It has flown by, and I'm sure the next 6 months will fly by too! I celebrated by staying home with him (put myself on the wish list) and it's been fun. He goes Thursday for his check up so we'll see then what he weighs! I'm trying to think what's new with him! He has the funniest smile, he tucks his bottom lip in and puffs his cheeks out so he looks like a toothless old man. Oh and he thinks that Snoopy is SO FUNNY when she sneezes. He just laughs and laughs! He's sitting up pretty well on his own (30 seconds without anyone near/10-15 min with side support). He's rolling really well and even did a 3 way roll the other day (back->front->back) in about 3 seconds flat. He was pretty proud. Now if only he could crawl he would be happy. He spent 5 min trying to inch his way towards a peice of paper on Friday. Poor guy. Paper is his favorite toy. I guess I should stop letting him eat the grocery list while I'm loading the groceries ;) Right now he is helping Wesley play Bejeweled. He's waving his arms around and hooting like an owl. Hooting and shrieking are his 2 new noises. Well I guess it's munchkin bedtime so I'd better go. Oh, here's a quote from Wesley right now "keep those hands out of your mouth, they get gross in there". Daddy doesn't like drool much :)

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