Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mommy Tired

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I was reading in a parenting magazine yesterday an article on the things no one tells you about being a mother. One of the points was the difference between tired and mommy tired. The writer said she figured that since she could handle all nighters, jet lag etc that sleep deprivation wouldn't be an issue. And it wasn't, it's the exhaustion from spending all day entertaining, feeding, walking, rocking, changing...and repeat! I totally agree. While I love this life there are still times when it's like, wow I feel like I just changed you/fed you/played with you! So worth it though. Robert has been gobbling up solid food this week, to the point that he now grabs the spoon and pushes it in his mouth (or ear) and I usually have to abandon that spoon and get another one because he won't let it go. He seems to think that peaches and oatmeal are fantastic together but not so sure about the avacado. But I guess he wasn't so sure about peaches at the begining either! So we'll keep trying. I should have done avacado today but I thought he hadn't pooped so I figured that the peaches would be more, um, moving :) Then I opened up the diaper bag to find a very dirty diaper from the baby sitter. Delightful present.

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