Friday, August 11, 2006

Robert's life

Hold a little tighter
A friend who I met at Bible Study who has since moved away called the other person who did Bible Study with us a few months ago to say she was pregnant again (had a baby while we were doing Bible Study) this was rather unexpected since she had had to be on fertility meds for the first one (actually her second pregnancy, no heartbeat at 12 wks with her first). We just got a call last night from her husband that she developed an infection and the baby (Robert Aaron!) was born at 20 wks and lived 10 min. I can't imagine what she must be going through. All last night and today I've held my Robert a little closer, kissed him a little more often and felt the fragility of life more intensely. Please keep that family in your prayers.

We were having a slow evening on Peds. I was precepting a very experienced (telemetry) nurse and we had 2-3 patients. I forgot part of my pump parts so had Wesley bring them in and got to keep Robert for 45 min or so while they (Wes and his parents) had supper. It was a great interlude to the evening! He is such a happy baby, smiling, laughing and crazy. He's starting to laugh at stuff around him-not just at being tickled. And he's loving squash!

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