Monday, February 02, 2009

Angels Watching Over Me...

There is a quote that I read at some point when Robert was tiny that went something like "the decision to have a baby is monumental-it is the decision to allow your heart to walk outside of your body". And that is absolutely the truth. I have been more terrified as a mother than I was even in high school (what was I so anxious about then?) and that says something. With both kids I was pretty anxious the first few months that they would die of SIDS and then with Robert that he would run into the road and be killed. And of course anytime we loose a kid at work I'm anxious then too.

Well I've relaxed a little bit and yesterday Robert was playing on the playset and the next thing I knew I heard a thump and he was flat on his back on the ground. He started moving right away and could move all his extrematies and I scooped him up yelling for Wesley who was changing oil. He went hmm and went back to it so I took Robert inside (Wesley thought we were going to talk about it while he changed oil, I thought Wesley didn't really care-lol). Well I gave him some motrin and we snuggled about an hour before he would even think about walking around. Of course I'm checking pupil response, looking for signs of head injuries etc. By supper time he was all over the place, climbing etc. This morning he was a little sore but we went back outside (at his insistence) and he went back up and then down the slide. I noticed he stayed well away from the open area this time though! Everytime I woke up last night (and I didn't sleep real well) I could hear the thump and see his little body on the ground. I am SO relieved that he looks OK. And I am mindfull that I am not the only person that looks out for my kids-their heavenly father does too!

We had a playdate this morning which was fun. Two potty training boys kept the bathroom hopping-and 4 kids and a dog and 2 mommies made for a full living room! It was nice to have some mommy chat time while the kids play. I guess that is the real reason for playdates-the kids really could care less (except for the fun of playing with different toys!) it's all about the mommy talk!

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i just LOVE your page design. it makes for a happy day!

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