Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My big 3 year old!

I wanted to take some time on his birthday and reflect on how much Robert has grown over the last year-but alas I went to work instead! So I'll take a few minutes while waiting for Wesley to pick me up to do so today!

This year has been challenging in a lot of ways-a new baby sister, a new babysitter, lots of new skills but it has all shaken out to a really neat preschooler (Wesley says I get carried away when I talk about him because it sounds like he's perfect-well he isn't but wow the difference!).

In the last year
-he has stopped running away as much (maybe a 90% reduction)
-he has started listening when I tell him to come back (all of those times of carting him back to the house when he didn't listen must have paid off!)
-he has started eating better with utensils (still have a ways to go!)
-he is getting close to being potty trained :) :) (whoot!)
-he picks up after himself-mostly without promting-shoes on the shoe rack, clothes in the dirty clothes (toys not so much-need to work on that!)
-he is getting better at undressing and helping to dress himself
-he sits and snuggles with mommy again !!!!!!!!!! I LOVE my sweet boy!
-he plays independently and will play with Mary-so cute! Although he was not happy when she was playing with his new jeep and trailer-but for once he didn't take it away from her-he just yelled (lol).

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