Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Completion! Or almost!

I've been working on a HUGE project for work. 50+ IV therapy procedures. No, I'm not an IV therapist. But my former boss gives me projects like this to do. It's a win-win. I need the hours and she needs some one who can work independently on projects. Before this one I had the job of calling all the units to see what signs they put up in patient's rooms (NPO, no blood pressure/sticks in an arm/blind...) and the one before that was all the ways that medications go astray between pharmacy and the patient. Well this one took project to a whole 'nother level. I've been working on this since November! Well, thankfully an IV therapist was also working on this and between the 2 of us we're almost DONE! I have one more to do :) :) :) And she has like 5. Because I gave her a bunch of stuff that I don't know at all (central lines, PICC lines etc). And I will be SO thankful to be done with them! I was planing on leaving work at 4 to go to the gym but I stayed til almost 5 to get them done and then went to the gym. And made yummy turkey burgers with basil mayo. And Robert ate a whole turkey burger! Wow!

Speaking of Robert he got all blocked up again so he is on day 1 of 2 of mandatory poop clean out-a full cap of miralax twice a day. So we are poop central. But the good news is that he has now gone 2 whole days with no pee accidents! Whoot! So I have hope that one day he will actually be potty trained!

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