Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ohy.  What to say.

work has been crazy.  Night after night I struggle to find enough appropriate beds for all the admissions.  Staffing issues compound the high census.  Last week went better but this week every night has left me with just 2-4 beds left in the whole hospital.  Sigh.

I've gained weight instead of loosing it.  I'm back on track today and hope I stay that way

The outside work is going well, and the gardens are moved and the small one is planted with spring crops-the strawberries are coming back nicely (and spread last summer!) and in the front I have lettuce (small plants), lettuce (seeds that I planted today), spinach (small plants), and broccoli (small plants) and then 2 squares of peas.  Yeah!

The clearing out/organizing work is going nowhere.  Well it's resulted in lots of fights and we got through some of it but its more than I can handle with all the b-day stuff and how stressfull work has been.  They should be done with the shed pad tomorrow and then we can have the shed delivered and start moving stuff out (once Wes works on the shelves or whatever).  Whoot.  The tax money will really be great!

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