Monday, March 07, 2011

birthday madness!

Something has got to give with birthday celebrations around here.  I feel like it is cake-cake-cake all the time from Feb through March!  So far I did cupcakes for school and for a birthday playdate for Robert, then the ultra cool mickey mouse clubhouse cake for their party.  Then this weekend it's a cake for Wesley (I'm trying a chocolate covered cherry cake from the cake mix doctor cookbook-1 box chocolate cake and a can of cherry pie filling and then a chocolate glaze.  Then the following Friday will be Mary's b-day and I'm doing strawberry cake with strawberry frosting (maybe in ice cream cones?).  And then NO MORE CAKE.  As it is I have put the rest of the cake in the fridge in a covered cake pan and I am going to stay out of it! 

But honestly their party went well and I could not be prouder of my little people.  We had such a good time at the party, the mix of kids was great, they played so well together and the moms/other guests were able to catch up and chat some since we didn't have to hover over the kids 24/7!  They got a great mix of toys/books and clothes which was nice-enough toys not to feel cheated but enough of the other stuff not to be snowed under in toys.  They got some activity books and stuff but also some bearnstain bears and little critters (mercer meyer) which are my 2 favorite types for this age-so we are enjoying them!  Mary also got some princess books which are great.  Bring on the pink!

M+R are growing up so fast and are turning into such interesting and cute kids!  They went for their well check ups on Thursday and the doctor was really impressed by them.  They are on track/above track for everything.  Robert wouldn't do the vision screen at all but the nurse wasn't worried-she says the school will screen him again and if he is here for another reason this summer we can try again.  He did fine for the hearing screen. 

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