Sunday, October 03, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Ah the quiet bliss.  There is a sunbeam falling across a sleeping dog on the floor, another sleeping dog next to me and I am snuggled in supreme comfort on the couch with a blanket and my netbook (I love my netbook!).  In the white chair is a butterfly cage wherein resides a sleeping caterpillar and thankfully Robert fell for my suggestion that the caterpillar NEEDED to watch the bug movie so he is sitting on the couch eating his toenails and watching with her(him/it?).  Mary is sleeping in her bed and laundry is going thump thump in the dryer.  Wesley is sitting up at his computer.  He evidently has not fallen for the bliss of being on the computer while reclined as I have.  I'm thinking I should just get rid of my desktop as little as I use it anymore!  I do use it to pull pictures off and to do powerpoint but that's about it.

We had a nice but too short time with mom and dad.  We made Robert some buzz lightyear wings and then each of them play wings for home.  Grandma came for supper.  Wesley and dad mowed.  The kids played outside. Mom and I took the kids to the Dr for their flu mist appointments.  Robert had to be talked out of eating the whole veggie tray and into eating some of his hamburger.  Simple, good times.

I'm back to work tomorrow night and we're thinking about going camping next weekend if the weather is good.  That will be our last trip and then it will be time to winterize the camper and hunker down.  It's been cold today and I can really tell that fall is here. 

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