Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So this week begins another change in our lives.  I was offered and accepted a full time nursing coordinator night shift position.  These jobs don't come around very often (the person who left it had been a nursing coordinator for 24 years!)  24!  So she started when I was 6?!?  So I am really thankful and awed to be here!  It is interesting to see how it all worked out at the right time-so God!   I had just gone back to full time, I had just been thinking that I should go to night shift full time next year when Robert starts K and then all of a sudden here is a full time night shift coordinator job.  It is bitter sweet to give up floor nursing; but more and more I was feeling stretched too thin-too many different jobs and different skill sets to keep up with.  Being moved from unit to unit, job to job, shift to shift.  So I think this will be better for now.  AND the other full time person wants to work mainly weekends so I am pretty much off weekends!  There will be some times when I'll need to work 7p-11p on Sunday so she can go to evening church, especially until they hire someone to do the day a week that I did.  Thankfully Lori wants the overtime for now so she is doing 4 days a week :)

The kids are still doing well with full time daycare/preschool.  They come home with paintings and projects galore.  The last 2 weeks they did apples-apple people made of apple cores and Popsicle sticks, apple trees with toilet paper tube trunks, apples made of small paper plates painted, apple paintings with a little worm stuck on it and the favorite-apple pizza!  It appears that this week is about leaves-when I picked them up Monday they were water coloring leaf cut outs.  They have such a good time! 

We started the kids on allowance last week and that has made a huge difference in potty training and behavior.  They each have a list of tasks to preform and then can pick a prize at the end of the day; a quarter for a bigger toy, a small "squinkie".
One of Mary's "tasks" is to stay dry at home and to stay dry at school.  And since we've started she has done much better!  Especially at home!  She even made it though the weekend home with Wesley dry!  They are also picking up their dishes, putting their clothes in the basket, picking up toys, and Robert dresses himself.  Ahh, bliss!

More later I hope...

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