Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin pancakes, fall cleaning and a Mary update :)

I know, it sounds long just by reading the title!

Last weekend was fabulous.  We took Caleb (our 3 year old nephew) with us to the pumpkin patch complete with fenced in play yard and we had such a great time.  It was very fun.  We packed a picnic, played, took a hayride, ate, picked pumpkins (we let each kid pick a tiny pumpkin-turns out they are only 50 c each!), and generally had a good time.  It was nice family time.  And nice to bond a little more with Caleb. 

So I made it through another week.  Work is still busy (crazy busy actually!) and I worked an extra 4 hours on Sun night for double pay.  Then came home and slept a few hours, got the kids off to school and sat down with my netbook and a cup of tea (I had a sore throat).  Dumped the tea all over the poor netbook :(  Somehow by the grace of God and the skill of Wesley it is fully functional.  For a day or so the R key didn't work but it's back!  Whew!  Wesley had just warned me the other day about that but I didn't listen.  So I had a 2 day time out (no netbook!) to teach me my lesson!

But the big news of the week was the birth of our second nephew, Jacob on Wed.. He is such a sweetie.  It's so nice to have a newborn in the family!  (and so nice that it isn't mine!).  I wondered if I would have baby lust when he was born but I think (OK know) that I am happy to be an adoring aunt to two cute boys!  And hopefully some more if Rob and Kavitha have kids!

I actually made it to the gym 3 days this week, and managed to keep the house picked up and meals (mostly) made.  They've been un-impressive to say the least.  And Thursday I had to be back at work at 5 pm and so I gave up entirely and told Wesley he could pick up BK or something.  I didn't manage to get the weekly housework done but somehow the kids were cooperative and I was able to get the basics PLUS a whole lot more done today. 

The kids' clothes are sorted out, the old stuff is out, the fall stuff is in (with plenty of short sleeve shirts for the interim weather), their room is cleaned up even more (it really wasn't bad).  The diapers are gone (all we have left is pull ups that they wear at night and I think we are almost done with them as well!)-RMH is doing a diaper drive for united way so they are in the car ready to be donated tomorrow when I work.  Wesley did a detailed vacuuming of the carpeted areas-even upstairs and the stairs.  I did a detailed sweeping/moping/dusting of the rest and then finished the bathrooms tonight.  Earlier in the week I had bought new storage containers for the toys so we could put them away easier.  One for matchobox cars and the car mat, one for pirate stuff, one for tractors and loader/dumpers etc, one for Thomas trains (take along) and its track, one for snap n style dolls.... It looks a lot better! 

I decorated last weekend so the house looks clean and cozy and decorated for fall.  Ahh.  The kids have been coming home with crafts galore recently, so the picture window is covered in leaves, acorns, pumpkins... and they even made toddler sized scarecrows this week.  They are soooooo cute.  If anyone is looking for a good preschool daycare, I recommend Kidzone!

The kids are so crazy together.  They really love each other and play together... and fight.  Moooooooom he took my stroller and my baby doll.  Moooooom, she has my space rocket.  But over all they love each other and that is cool!  Today they played dress up and trains and baby dolls and ball on the stairs (not sure what that was all about-Wesley was watching them while I made supper.  Ah yes, supper.  Pumpkin pancakes.  Wow, I am in love.  They were so delicious.  Especially with pure maple syrup.  Yum, yum, yum!  Here is the recipes I sort of followed.  Of course I used mixed spice for baking instead of measuring out all of those spices, lol

Now for the Mary update
Well for one thing, I'm calling her potty trained !!!!!!She has been dry day and night recently (as has Robert) so I'm hoping that I am seeing the end of diapers....that would be fabulous.

For another thing her scars are looking better and better every day.  I am so happy. Here is the latest pic, it had been a long time since we had done a chest shot and it blew me away...

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