Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Somewhere over the weekend away I caught up on my sleep and have had more energy to get stuff done.  I'm still trying to find the balance between work/house/gym/sleep.  Sleep is def a priority!  Work has been busy so it takes a lot out of me. 

Monday I got the yard cleaned out.  I took out the tomato plants, cut down the giant sunflowers and cleaned out the peach tree area.  It's nice to have those done.  I also got groceries and met Wesley for lunch.  The kids and I made pumpkin muffins :) Yesterday I slept pretty much all day.  I made PB playdough for the kids which they loved.  After nanny night I indulged in a couple episodes of Bewitched as I folded the 4-5 loads of clothes.  I stayed up some last night watching the Chilean miners get rescued and cleaned the kitchen up some.  There is still so much to do.  More cleaning, more exercising, more work, more sleep.  I work the nex t 2 nights so I'll nap some today.  I'm looking forward to staying home this weekend.  I'm hoping the weather will be good so we can go to the pumpkin patch as a family on Sat. 

We had a good weekend camping.  It was a little strange-we were planning on going to Todd lake but at the last minute Wesley needed to be on call for work so we had to be within cell phone range.  His boss' mother died on Friday morning so he needed to be the one on call.  So we went to Natural Chimneys.  We got engaged there so it holds a fond place in my heart.  The kids did well.  We were across the road from Charlie (Wesley's long time barber) who was there with all his kids and grandkids including a boy about 5.  But they were all doing family stuff and the kids kept wanting to go over there and it was just awkward, Robert was practically stalking the boy and it was strange.  We did end up taking a hike to the top and I was really surprised that Mary made it all the way to the top.  I did have to carry her down.  Of course I hadn't planned on hiking so I didn't have the ergo with us!  Roger and Peggy came over for supper on Sat (Peggy's b-day).  Robert spent a lot of time riding his bike.  We worked some on riding without training wheels but he isn't ready yet.  He is going to need a new bike soon-his is getting really small.  He is really getting tall and big.  My kids are really growing up!  Wesley also worked with Mary on her bike, she is getting there-slowly but surely.  I imagine that next year we will be spending a lot of time riding.  Wesley and I are going to need to start taking our bikes with us-Robert is getting faster and faster!

Sunday we came home after lunch.  I got the camper cleared out and then cleaned thoroughly and stuff unpacked and laundry started.  Robert is already talking about camping again, lol.  He does not like the idea that it will be spring before we camp again!

Mary has also been dry even at night recently.  We actually made it through the camping trip without any wet or poopy diapers.  What a change from the last trip (just last month) where she was in diapers pretty much the whole time because she wouldn't pee or poop in the potty!  She still has a couple pee accidents a week when she gets excited or doesn't make it fast enough but over all she is doing great.  Robert is mostly dry at night too so this is great :)  I haven't bought diapers or pull ups in a long time!

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