Thursday, April 02, 2009


It's been a week and it's only Thursday! This being back in orientation is exhausting. I haven't felt so inadequate/unsure about myself in um 7+ years when I was a new grad. I've had 3 days of orientation, I have 5 more and I'm on my own (ack!!!!!!!!!!!). Every day gets a tiny bit better but throws some new complexity into the mix. God has definitely been in on this orientation because each day has built on the day before.

Day 1-just admissions (no deaths, no codes, no complications), day 2 a "minor" code (the patient revived quickly). Day 3-a code the minute I hit the office (literally) but it was OK, a death shortly after (not related to the code), a bazillion transfers out of CCU and telemetry and a slew of admissions, plus a variety of other misc crazy things-pick ups from funeral homes, organ donation arangements.... I finally have a handle on how to get messages off the pager (which I promise you goes off a 100 times AT LEAST in my 12 hour shift) and some/most of the phone # for the various units.

So this week I worked 6-7:30 learning how to do central line blood draws, then taught from 8a-6p, Tuesday orientation from 7a-7p, Wednesday I got to sleep in a tad-tought from 10:30-6pm. I got out of one class today so I just have a 9p-11p class tonight. It's been great to see the kids. Mary is walking pretty well. The babysitter says Robert is hilarious at her house, I'm not finding him so hilarious here, but oh well. The whining and fake crying are driving me CRAZY. But that wasn't a far trip. We tried to go outside this am but it was COLD and he ended up wet and muddy. I even had to wash his shoes!

We leave in the morning (Wesley and I) for a weekend away-bliss. Our friends Heather and Ryan are coming tomorrow night to watch the kids for us. Roger will pick them up from Denee's and they'll watch them until H+R get here and then again Sunday between when they have to leave and we get back. I am so looking forward to SLEEPING IN (why has Robert decided that 7/7:30 is a good time to get up?), relaxing and hanging out with Wesley.

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