Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids update!

I decided not to throw the cute kid stuff in with my other post :) Robert's favorite book at the moment? "the percolated puppy" (perky little puppy). LOL. It is hilarious to hear him call it a percolated puppy. I feel like I did something to the puppy and turned it into coffee. He can already recite huge chunks of it.

The kids have NOT been happy with how much I've worked this week (after tonight it will be oh 42ish hours) and cry as Wesley pulls them out of my arms to take them to Denee's while I sleep. Total mommy guilt here! I'll be SO glad to be working less after this! I miss my kids.

I was telling Mary at supper the other day to not feed Snoopy (I know the vet is NOT going to be happy with her weight when he sees her tomorrow!). Robert looks up and says "Mary, that's one" in my voice. (We count with Robert; that's 1, that's 2, that's 3-time out. ROTFL.) Mary's fatal attraction is Snoopy's water bowl (as was Robert's at this age!) a couple days ago I saw her crawling towards it shaking her head "no" and saying, "no, no, no". She's walking more but still not fully walking everywhere. Silly girl :) She has also learned to trade stuff with Robert (which Robert still hasn't figured out) she'll take his train and he'll be crying over it and she'll hand him a car and he's all happy. There's a smart girlie!

Robert has graduated to being able to play outside without me-with me watching from the glass door and hauling him back inside if he gets out of my sight. That has been so nice! I have a chance to do some supper prep or nurse Mary or something while he's outside. THere's days when it's warm enough for him but not warm enough for me to want to sit outside or haul Mary out.

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