Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I know, it's been 10 days. What a crazy, stupid week. We've all been sick and I've worked a ton-and this new job is throwing me for a loop every time. Parts of it I really like, and parts of it not so much. I'm just not used to feeling like I don't know what I'm doing! Argh. We finished up teaching this week and have a week of catch up before go live next Tuesday (ack) which coincides with my last week of orientation (ackkkkkkkkkkkkkk!). I do my first night shift orientation Wed, and then work nights this weekend (Sat and Sun) and then 2 next week over go live. I will survive.... I have to!

The kids very much enjoyed their Easter. Thanks to a mix up at work where they forgot to tell me that a meeting for the nursing coordinators was canceled I had some extra shopping time without the kids on Friday. I did hear from my boss that they will be paying me the manditory 2 hours that they pay if you aren't called and told not to come. I ended up finding a kitchen on clearance for $20 (very cheap in every sense of the word) and made some felt playfood for Robert's basket. It was a big hit. The 2 of them cooking together are adorable. Mary got a feeding set for her doll, a pair of pink sunglasses and a play cell phone (the cellphone was the hit!). I got Robert some art supplies (pipe cleaners, pom poms, googley eyes, foam stickers) before I thought of the playfood. They also got books from Nanny and a basket of stuff from Roger and Peggy. We had a nice afternoon at Nanny's. The kids played outside with their "cousins"-bubbles and ball and just ran around. It was a nice afternoon. And the kids are tired and sound asleep!

Our trip to old surber station last weekend was wonderful. It was so beautiful and peaceful and fun there. The house was gorgeous and we had a great time hiking along the creek and just hanging out. I definitely want to go back soon! Here's the website for the house:

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