Sunday, April 19, 2009

so busy!

These weeks are going by too fast! We were all under the weather last week and then we are ramping up for go live this week plus the end of orientation. This is my second night shift orientation and I have to say that I LOVE night shift coordinator! Love, love, love it! So much more what I was expecting to do/be. Today we were up and at em all day-took the kids to the bike store and then to walmart (bought Robert a bike with training wheels at Walmart!), then home for lunch and nap and then spent the afternoon outside. So I was worried that I would be so tired tonight, but it has been fine. I feel fantastic. AND with the kids and Wesley at church I'll be able to sleep, sleep, sleep :) I think I'm going to sleep upstairs today so the kids don't find me. Wesley found that the old camper has some more water dammage (we should have sold it last fall but he didn't get it fixed to his satisfaction-err). I finished clearing out the debris from under the peach tree while the kids played outside, so that's another job done. The house looks like a tornado hit it but oh well. And I need to plant some stuff outside but that will have to wait too! This week I work again night shift tonight and then 9p-1am Tues night (before go live) and then 7p-7a Wed and Thurs. Those are my last days (nights) of orientation and then I am on my own. I'll be continuing to work meditech for another month doing some audits and then will need to see what to mix in with nursing coordinator to fill in the rest of my time (I'm only working 1 12 hour shift/week unless convering for vacations etc).

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