Monday, December 06, 2010


Where do months go?  I declare they go faster with each passing one.  Life is just crazy right now but I'm trying to hold on and enjoy the moments.  A family friend (Lisa) just lost her battle with cancer in her 40's this week.  I was the coordinator on and it was HARD.  I didn't know her so well but I knew her sister and wow.  I couldn't believe it when she died.  She had a 12 year old.  Death seems to be the theme around here lately.  Lots of deaths at work, Snoopy (who died the Wed before thanksgiving), Lisa... when I have a lot of deaths at work I go to the L+D floor and look at all the tiny babies and rejoice that there is a season to life.  A time to be born and a time to die... So I try to take more time for snuggles and books, more time for crafts and play, more time with Wesley.  Because you just never know. 

Loosing Snoopy was hard.  And the first weekend was hard.  It was great to have mom and dad here and the just general buisness of Thanksgiving.  I miss the dog she was, but not the dog she was at the end.  I honestly don't miss the puddles and the meds and the fighting between the dogs.  Daisy has not had an accident since the first couple days after Snoopy was gone.  I gather she was peeing over Snoopy spots/on areas where Snoopy would be.  I know Snoopy is happier and Daisy is happier too!  She's enjoying chewing bones, snuggling with us etc.  Robert said today that we need another dog but I really don't think we do!  When we donated the rest of Snoopy's antibiotics to the SPCA we went in to look at a dog that looked like Snoopy but was really a spastic crazy puppy that I didn't want anything to do with!  I'm so glad it turned out so completely wrong for us!  And glad that some other dog could use Snoopy's meds.  We had just refilled her other pills too and Costco took them back since they weren't opened so that was nice!  We continue to have 2 crates-one is her day crate and the other is her night crate, lol.

Now to Christmas!  I am so excited for Christmas this year.  I trust we will all be home and well.  I'm making felt food for Mary's kitchen and felt activity books for Robert and Logan.  We're doing the fisher price advent calendar and have gotten out the Christmas books and I got an advent one as well from CBD.  The playmobil nativity came today as well so we are playing, reading, singing Christmas!  The kids' play is this Sat and I'm excited to see it.  Their program at church didn't go too well but it was their first time in front of a group.  Mary def had the deer in the headlights look.  Robert said he just didn't want to sing, lol. 

The kids are enjoying the seasonal stuff-Christmas tree cakes, eggnog, and tonight fruitcake. I asked Robert how it was and he said "mmm, tastes like playdough".  Then he said "yummy".  We were rolling on the floor laughing!  Both kids ate their slices.  I gave the rest of my 1/2 slice to Mary.  I still do not like fruitcake.  Maybe it's because I don't like playdough either???

Well, I think that's all the news from here...

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