Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I think there are a lot of things I put off because it has been so long since I last did them. Today I did weights at the gym and according to my sheet I had last done weights 12/5!  So it had been about as long as blogging.  Its strange because I think about both and like both and just haven't known where to start again!  But I do like reading my old blog posts so I guess I need to keep writing about all the odds and ends of stuff. 

The biggest news is that Mary is out of her compression shirt!  Which is awesome.  We were still doing elta cream but I accidentally left it out one day and Daisy ate it.  It has made her shinier though so maybe she needed it!  Anyways I opted for a tube of fragrance free eucerin or something like that which is working well.  Her red spots (from rubbing) are almost gone and she seems much more comfortable.  So that was last monday and then this past monday I took her to the ped (and found out that our ped left the practice to be a stay at home mom-good for her and bad for me!) for what I suspected was a sinus infection.  She's been coughing since before Christmas and it was getting worse the last few days so I figured it was time.  She has been much better in about 24 hours so I guess antibiotics were needed!  The last time she had been for a sick visit was the previous Jan which is nice!

Otherwise around here it's been life as normal for the most part.  I made 2 new years resolutions-to loose the 12 lbs I gained last year and to clear out the house and get it finished.  I'd like to loose the weight by the Argus gathering in May and have the house done by Thanksgiving when Rob and Kavitha come again.  I've done a lot of work on both recently and Wesley has gotten the storage building that we've been discussing forever ordered and it should be ready in 3 or so weeks.  We finally agreed on the person to put in the pad and he will be making a parking area in our yard and a camper pad as well.  Wesley and I have cleared out our room pretty well and are slowly working on other areas as well.  The finished room upstairs is much better and last night we tackled the VHS and CD piles.  So the DVD area looks much better.  I've taken gobs of stuff to goodwill and continue to do so.  In terms of weight loss I'm down 2.5 lbs and did weights today as well as managed to run 20 min straight today!  I'm working my way back to being able to do a 5K this spring-I was signed up for one last new years eve but I was still in the hospital with Mary then...

The kids are doing well, listening better, getting dressed faster etc.  Robert has loved, loved, loved his space immaginext set.  He plays and plays and plays with it and wants more of the accessories for his b-day.  He is super duper excited about his b-day.  Mary is cooking and playing with her dolls non stop.  She had Amy all ready for Nanny night last night-diaper bag complete with baby food (I asked a friend from church for some of the plastic baby food containers), spoon and bib.  I was floored that she had it all together!  So Mary and Robert both sat up to the table in big kid chairs and Amy sat in the high chair and ate her applesauce.  Mary's babies eat pretty much exclusively applesauce and yogurt, lol.  No peas for them!  Caleb loves to help with Mary's doll and finished feeding her last night.  I was actually able to get baby Jacob to sleep (after failing miserably last week much to my chagrin!) which kept me out of the desert which was a good thing! 

Mary still wakes up crying some nights-she's having some nightmares these days.  I remember this with Robert as well.  She is generally able to go right back to sleep-even without me going in-but it is so sad.

Well I am gearing up for an unusually long shift tonight-14 hours.  As I told the coordinator who asked me to come in early (she wants to go to her daughter's science fair and get a login to be able to check grades online) I am planting so I will be able to reap later.  I'm sure my time will come when I'll want time off for stuff and I'm sure people will have to stay over for me/rearrange their schedule for me, so I'll take my turn now!  I have supper all made and in the fridge and my supper/night snack made and packed.  Sloppy joes, left over (homemade) mac n cheese from sat (yum!), cole slaw/broccoli salad, orange jello with fruit.  So I think that will go over well with Wes and the kids! 

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