Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Life in these here parts...

is busy. I worked 42 hours last week, a combo of 3 nights, a class and a 4 hour day shift.  Blech.  I have had enjoyed the time that I've been able to spend with the kids though!  We've had some fun times after school and then Sat we went to walmart as a family and then Sun we went out for ice cream and to Ollies (discount store) and just hung out.  This week I just have my 3 12 hour night shifts so that will be good.  I'm fighting off a cough/sinus thing so I'm def trying to get extra rest and fluids.  I was just dragging last night at work but I made it though-even through the never ending to-do list that people called in.  3 transports for PACU, 10 IV/labs, 2 EKG's... there for a while it seemed like it would never end.  I'm glad to be home in the QUIET this afternoon.  I need to get the house picked up and work on laundry some here in a few min but I'm enjoying relaxing and watching trashy TV.  I'm not sure how I ended up watching Steve Wilkos but I guess I'll stick with it and see who is lying, lol.  It does give me some perspective on some of my patients...

The kids are doing well.  They are starting to play TOGETHER which is so cute to see.  Mary is obsessed with nursery rhymes recently, we have a clip on one of the kid DVD's and she wants to watch it over and over.  Robert is obsessed with dress up, we got some more costumes when they were 90% off at walmart.  I have some put away for Christmas, I think I'll put together a dress up trunk for him. 

I'm really worried about Snoopy.  She seems to get more tired day by day.  She has a lot of trouble peeing (although eventually she can get it out).  We're going to do a culture and then start another round of antibiotics and see what that does.  I just don't know.  I for some reason just lost it yesterday at the vet.  Couldn't strop crying.  I guess as a nurse I see so many people who are dying and something in me says that she is .  It just really hit me yesterday.  There was a lady in the waiting room who had a dog in a similar place and she was so nice and helpful.  Her advice was "when you are no longer having fun the dog is no longer having fun either".  It's just going to be so hard to decide when and how to say goodbye.  And then how to get through it with the kids.  Triple blech.

The good news is that they have finally hired someone to do 1 day/wk so that will help some.  I've gotten some days off before and after Christmas which will be nice.  I am going to be working some Sun nights though as well, some weeks I'll work sun instead of mon.

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