Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Night shift again!

It seems like I post the most on night shift! This has been a pretty good one over all (so far-knock wood!). We're in the middle of a meditech scheduled downtime so there is a lull (yeah!). I've started a few IV's, done my first set of rounds, copied my sheets (just need to check the list of people on telemetry) and I'm going to take a minute to blog.

The kids went to "school" today and had a great day. When I picked them up they were playing "doggy, doggy where's your bone" and having a great time. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. I had never heard of the game so here's the explanation

We went home and went right outside and played, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, climbing on the playset... Robert dug up dirt out of the garden and stuck it in his dump truck. Roger and Peggy came out with a cute sundress for Mary. It was a golden couple of hours!

I had a great day too! I got a bunch of decluttering and picking up done. And a NAP. I feel soooo much better tonight than I have any night I've worked. I did 30 day shred too. And now tonight is almost over! :) And I can go home and sleep and then get the weekly housework done. The kitchen is done except the floor and all the surfaces are clear(er) so it shouldn't take long to get the house clean. I also need to put together a grocery list and get groceries later...

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