Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

This has certainly been an interesting weekend-well mainly Sat. JMU had their block party which swelled to 8,000 people (mostly drunk) and ended in riots and 47 young people needing to be seen at RMH. I gather Augusta Health saw some too. So the ED called a code red (external disaster) the first since we don't know when-15 years maybe? It was quite interesting to see all the things we've drilled in actually come into play-it worked! The inpatient units sent a nurse each, we got extra staff in, OR came in to suture wounds closed (there were lots of lacerations from broken bottles) which freed up the ED docs (all they had to do was examine and direct). All the big wigs came in (director of nursing, the person under her, my boss, admin on call, and someone who could order a ton of pizzas! Oh and the supply manager came with tons of supplies like more suture trays!) I ran a thousand ways from Tuesday setting up the recovery room as a suture room, gather stretchers and supplies, helping out, directing the floor nurses, starting IV's etc. It was exhilarating in some ways and crazy in others but wow-what an experience. I think I can do anything now! Last night was much calmer and more ordinary. Just with some staffing issues but we got those resolved more or less. And I'm glad to be off today and tomorrow! Now I just need to coordinator laundry, housework and groceries, lol!

Sat am I took the kids to the dog show with R+P to see the pugs and other dogs and then we went to walmart to get a few things, petco and then costco. Then home for nap and Robert and I transplanted the tomatoes to bigger pots. Wesley went to the coin show. Yesterday I mainly slept and then picked up the house, watered outside, wo and pruned a little on the peach tree and went back to work! The kids had such a good time on Sat! It was a fun morning. Wesley took them to the park by himself that afternoon which I think is a first! So they were pretty tired by bedtime he said. I've been able to call at bedtime each evening and they both can carry on conversations! It's so nice to be able to tell them goodnight!

"School" has gone well. The kids seem to really like it. We're still struggling with how to get breakfast in them before they go! Mary is counting more (she can get to 13 before mixing up!), as is Robert. I ended up taking Mary to the Dr Thurs since she was still pulling on her ears and she still had an infection so she's on another antibiotic.

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