Monday, November 09, 2009

morning bliss

I just had to post about how much I'm loving mornings recently. Even though the kids have been getting up earlier now that it's light outside (err) they wake up and make their way into our bed (Wesley lets them out!) with books and toys. And generally we spend 30 min or so together just chilling out, reading, playing, talking, singing, tickling. It is so much fun! It gives me a chance to just hang out and wake up slowly before getting breakfast made, getting us all dressed (and usually dragging us all to the gym!) It's just fabulous! And it seems to start the day off on a much better note-the kids are awake and ready to eat when it's over (no forcing Robert to leave his toys!), they've had some mommy time. I'm actually awake-because I work evenings so I'm not normally ready to go get 'em at 7:30-I don't get to bed until at least midnight several days a week.

Today after we got home from the gym Robert decided that we should take our PB+J lunch outside for a picnic. He's so smart. So we did. And then he decided he needed to poop so we went in and got ready for nap. I was able to get some cleaning up done and worked on laundry. And did devotions.

I'm actually working until 3 am tonight for a sick coworker which is really funny because we have 1 patient on peds (I'm a peds nurse tonight-my first love). We did have 2 treatment center patients that I had for a while. Other than that I've been hitting refresh on McMamma's (mycharmingkids) blog while waiting to hear if Stellan survived his surgery (yeah he did and it was a complete success!) and making a ton of discharge phone calls-2 solid hours of calling! Then I caught up on inservices and e-mails, and now really need to study for ACLS.

But I'm tired. I did 4 miles at the gym today :) I feel fabulous-strong and healthy-between running and 30 day shred. The last pounds are comming off steadily and I feel good. On friday I did manage the 5K straight running-30 min at 6 mph of running! Sat and Sun I did the shred. Today I did intervals of walking and then running 6.5 mph (I can do 10 min of that) and 2 min intervals of 7.2 mph. Lets just say that my heart rate goes to 178 at 7.2 mph. I think I'll need to work up to that! I'm going to alternate the shred and running and see how that goes. I've actually exercised every day since last sun!

The weekend was a much needed break. We just vegged. Had family for supper Friday but otherwise we just were. Sat I took Mary for her (H1N1) flu shot and then we ate out and got groceries. Sunday I had women's meeting after church and left it excited and hopeful for the future of this church-I think we'll make it :) Both of my nursery people showed up and Mary wore a dress and tights that was absolutely adorable. Oh so cute. And she wouldn't let me take it off! Little princess! Her incisors are in and she seems less cranky. Robert has flu mist (H1N1) scheduled for this sat so then they'll both have had at least one dose. I've had the H1NI shot but not the seasonal shot-now RMH isn't sure they'll get them at all. oops. The kids and Wesley have both had theirs. Wesley hasn't had the H1N1 shot though. So I guess if someone gets sick we at least won't pass it around as bad?

Robert has been trying to correct me recently "no mommy you don't talk to Robert like that" little stinker. Mary talks and sings and plays "tappe" non stop. She seems to think that it's a grandma game and tries to play it with Peggy too-poor Peggy! So I've been working on teaching it to her. They are starting to play together. Mary's new thing is books. Morning, noon and night. Books. And she's really learning the names of animals and trucks. She's something. She even knows zebra "zee-ba, see zee-ba".

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