Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mary Elizabeth!

What can I say about my little girl? I mean the little one with pigtails (when I can torture her into staying still long enough to put them in), the one that is talking like a blue streak. And singing! The one that threw an absolute fit over doll bottles friday (she wanted 3 we bought 1!). The one that is a total "bez" (pez) addict. This girl is a nut. All the time into everything. Lets see here are some of the recent ones and the explanation to why we spend so much time calling her "Mary Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gone is the fuzzy, Mary Bug, here is Mary Elizabeth!

-she dipped a cabbage patch doll in the toilet
-she then went and played in the other toilet while we were cleaning up the first mess-so 2 shirt changes in 2 minutes. And yes the doll had a bath.
-always in the trash can-she seems to be able to sense if I have thrown away something chocolate related-like a pudding cup top...
-opens and shuts the CD ROM drive on my computer
-re-boots Wesley's computer
-climbs up on the table
-reaches things on the counter that I don't think she can reach
-pulls DVDs off the rack
-pulls coins and all sorts of stuff off of Wesley's desk

But really she is the cutest thing. I mean really. If I could just keep up with the baby cyclone... she says "tank do mommy" when I give her anything. Yesterday she got Wesley's dog tape dispenser off of his desk and brought it to me and said "look mommy, dog, I LIKE THIS". I like this? Where did she pick this up from? She loves her "buppies" (puppies) and babies. And her me-maw and bampa (she can say grandma and grandpa for my parents-and loves them too but has clearly renamed Roger and Peggy and me-maw and bampa). I guess she told them.

She runs for me, snuggles, hugs and loves to read books. Especially lift the flap books. Her favorite (besides the 2 dog books) is "where's baby's belly button" she bring it to me "beyey button, beye button". She loves to look at pictures. And she's really good at finding the dog in all the pictures of Robert's Thomas book. "There's puppy, there's puppy!!!!!!! See, there he is". She loves the pugs and even mimics how R+P call them "Sam! and Ru-ey" She's learned how to block Sam.

But really my saving grace is that she still naps and naps well despite whatever else is going on in the house. Thank heavens.

How I adore you my (not so) baby girl! I can't wait to see you develop over the next years. I think naming you for Granny was meant to be-you certainly are spunky and I hope you face any adversity in your life with the same fortitude as I gather Granny did based on the stories I heard. God bless you sweetie-I really do love you soooooooo much!

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