Wednesday, May 02, 2007

outside boy!

Robert is loving being outside! He plays and plays and plays. And now no longer cries when I leave him with Erica. I love to pick him up and find him with dirty knees and smelling of sunscreen and happy :) And then he gets home and goes right back outside! I need to take the camera with me next time and get some pictures. He's so cute. He loves to pick dandelions and shred them like yellow confetti and throw them. So cute. I've changed his bath time to night since he gets so dirty! Monday I was home with Robert and Snoopy in the morning and opened the window in our room (very tall, low window). Snoopy stood in front sniffing and Robert stood next to her and put his arm around her and then started to pet her very nicely and stroke her ears. They stood like this for a minute or so and then Robert tried to take the screen out of the window so I had to close it. But it was SO sweet!

I start Tuesday with my new job in computer testing and I'm excited. It will be a nice change for a few months (ends mid September!) and I'll be happy to have my evenings free. Although I will still work evenings on my weekend and may teach/support some in the evenings in a month or so. The head of the project told me we have 1,900 people to train in a month. YIKES!

Robert checking out his new room organizer as it's being built

Robert playing with his helicopter!

his new room organizer!

what it looked like before!

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