Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fun times!

We had a great weekend! Friday mom and dad were here and we went out to eat at Red Lobster-Robert decided to try some of mom's salad and blue cheese dressing. He also ate fish, shrimp, clam strips, crab cakes, cole slaw, rice, broccoli most of a biscuit, a bite of dad's gumbo... and then some ice cream from Klines! What a guy! He loves playing outside so he really loved being out with Wesley, Roger, Clif and the 5 dogs (Snoopy plus Wes' parents 2 pugs, plus Clif and Hollies 2 puppies!) Sat evening while the women folk were at a mother-daughter banquet. He had a busy time and both he and Snoopy have been TIRED today! Today we went to lunch at Panera and then he and Wes took a long walk while I spent a blessed 45 minutes in a bookstore. Oh BLISS. And that tired him out so he took a long nap. We spent the evening at Wes' parents with both of his grandparents and Eddie and Tracy. It was a great evening and Wesley even changed the dirty diaper (well, actually Peggy did and Wesley assisted) but at least I didn't have to do it.

I forgot to say that my first week of my new job went well and I'm excited about what I'm doing! We've spent a lot of time this week and weekend working on the camper since we're headed out Thursday for Martinsville and the Argus Collector's Group gathering. (Don't ask!). I'm ready for a break!

Here are some pics from Sat evening.

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