Thursday, April 19, 2007

Learning and Growing

What a week! I know it's been a sad week for all of us with the Virginia Tech shootings and add to that, the finace of the guy that Heather (my good friend) nannied for died unexpectedly this past week of MRSA sepsis. MRSA is a crazy scary bug and seems to be really spreading around this area. Then work has been crazy and I've been working til 3 am a couple nights. Anyways. Robert is trying to learn everything in a week! He figured out how to crawl onto the coffee table, tonight he figured out how to climb ONTO the couch (using the music table!), and at the vet's office OPENED the door (long handle instead of a door nob!) his walking is really good and his talking and signing are taking off like crazy. Today he said for the first time "duck" and "night-night" (and said them at appropriate times). His other new words are shoes (yes, Heather is proud!), mama-mama-mama-mama! and I'm hearing more "dog". He learned the sign for "more" in about a minute a couple days ago with his first taste of honey nut (generic) cheerios and today used it to ask for more books while we were reading! He's also signing eat/milk/all done and tries to snap his fingers for Snoopy!

It's amazing but SO tiring at the same time! He cries in frustration a thousand times a day, did not want to take a nap (and I worked from 11p-3a so I really wanted a nap :) wants to do it all himself but then gets frustrated/falls/bangs his head. Sigh. Well, here's a couple videos for ya'll!

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