Thursday, April 12, 2007

Growing Up!

Robert was so cute today. After his nap I took him outside with me to check the mail. He was ticked when I brought him back inside. After a few minutes he brought me a sandle. Then both of them. Then his sneakers. So I took him outside and he did the stairs for a few minutes and then walked all over the yard and then hightailed it for Roger and Peggy's house (but there was no one there). I carried him back to our house where he promptly took off for their house again. I let him mess around their stoop for a while and then took him back to our house and he went back to theirs. The last time I carried him in and he was NOT happy. Poor guy! A snack took care of everything though. It was just too funny. I can't get over how well he walks-in the grass and wind and everything!

He got him MMR today, I had it seperated from the rest of his shots, he seems a little fussy today but OK.
Well, that's all the news here!

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