Saturday, December 30, 2006

Robert's life

It's been a crazy week or so! Robert thoroughly enjoyed all the new people and toys and well, everything and is now systimaically destroying the house (in response to the direction from Uncle Rob). He can get the bottle drawer open and the bottles out (new today) and got one of the latches of his daddy's tool box open today too. He's standing for longer and longer periods at the activity center that Clif and Hollie gave him and loves to push his wagon around. He seems to be talking some too, I'm hearing fairly accurage "dada, doggie and light (maybe?). Doggie is the only one I'm fairly sure of. He also loves the dishwasher. His schedule is all weird today-he slept a bunch last evening and stayed up til 11:30 and then slept until 10 this morning, napped from 12:45-2:30 and has been up since. So hopefully he'll be back on schedule tomorrow!

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