Friday, December 01, 2006

Robert's life


OK, OK, I know, it's been a week and 4 days since I blogged. BUT my portfolio is in (that's where I've been-in portfolio writing land) and Robert is asleep (for now) and even though I should be cleaning I'll blog quick (and if you're good, I'll even leave a picture).

Robert is a wild man. There is no other way to describe it. Wes says that any day we'll find him on top of the coffee table. Already he's trying to open the drawer on the china cupboard, turning the knob on the CD changer, playing with the phone, getting stuff off the coffee table, eating MY FOOD, grabbing glasses/earings off of people's faces, and well, you know, just being crazy! Last night my Bible Study group went out to a local mexican place for supper and I ended up buying him his own meal (cheaper than getting quesadillas off the a la carte menu). He had part of a quesadilla, some cheerios, some rice, some taco meat and a bunch of water and was cute. Then we went to the local Christian book store to pick out our new study. He decided to roll himself across the room (never done that before), then was scooting a plastic kid's chair across the room (yes, walking, holding onto the chair)! He's still sick (juncky nose) and fussy, which is the other reason I'm not getting much done. I was debating taking him to the pediatrician today but he's still eating/drinking OK and doesn't flinch when I take his temp in his ear so I think I'll hold off for now. OK, the picture I'm leaving you is Robert of the sticky-upy hair. I'll try to update the website pics tomorrow.

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