Thursday, May 19, 2011

mommy you only work Fridays!

Robert especially does not want me to go to work in the evenings.  So the last few days he's started barricading me in with his arms and legs in the doorway and proclaiming, "mommy, you can't go to work tonight, you can go to work Friday".  Sigh.  I thought we'd be over this by 5!

It's hard to be a working mom.

Mary on the other hand seems fine with it.  And today she proclaimed she was going to work.  She got her purse and packed some play food (lol!) in it, got in her pink car and drove to work.  Once there she "fixed some peoples legs that got stuck in doors".  Then she came home.  I love that when she pretends to go to work she gives me a kiss and says "bye, love you, see you in the morning!".  Mommies work nights in her mind!

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